Black Wax presents:

Kick Out! The Newtown Neurotics Story Film Screening

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"A Fascinating Time-Capsule of a Documentary..." *** The Guardian

Join us for a very special intimate screening in the bands home town, with punk rock disco til late!

The film was launched at a sold out 100 club in London and this is the first screening in Harlow. Kick Out! The Newtown Neurotics Story: This is the story of the dismantling of the welfare state, this is a story of resistance, a story of standing up for what you believe. This is a story about three musicians brought up in Harlow, a new town, whose ‘design for living’ offered a bright new future, an enhancement of community not a denial of it. When in 1979 Margret Thatcher became prime minister and later, relaxed media ownership laws in the UK for Rupert Murdoch, the neo liberal experiment began and storm clouds gathered.

The UK would never be the same again.

For every action, there is a reaction and the Newtown Neurotics, at this point, two non-political classic singles into their career, turned their attention to the ruling party of our land and recorded their incendiary single ‘Kick Out The Tories. The battle of ideas was underway and the band stood by their town, stood by the Miners in their fight against political and cultural vandalism and stood by their belief that the Tories needed to be stopped.

“I’ve seen your future, a generation with nothing left to lose” ‘Fighting Times’ Steve Drewett 1985.

The arc of this era of modern history is documented in their songs, If you want to know how we got to where we are now with Brexit et al. it’s all here. In this story.